Nick Brown

District 73 Superintendent Nick Brown.

Greetings from Nick Brown

Welcome to Hawthorn Community School District 73 where learning is purposeful, engaging and interactive. Our district offers programming for more than 4,200 students from early childhood development through the eighth grade. The district encompasses five elementary schools, including a dual language school, two middle schools, and a facility in Mundelein that provides early childhood and pre-kindergarten classes for several districts.

Hawthorn 73 has its eye on the future. Our vision is to “inspire all students to embrace learning in an ever-changing world.” Our curriculum is based on 21st century needs, encouraging our students to become thinkers and leaders. Every day, our staff works to provide a rigorous, creative, supportive learning environment. The social-emotional and physical well-being of our students are considered every day to provide the setting for academic achievement.

It is an exciting time as the 1:1 Personalized Learning Initiative rolls out in our middle schools. This one-to-one learning, that includes Chromebooks for all middle school students, helps the district’s schools incorporate the newest technology into daily instruction to improve academic achievement.

Hawthorn District 73 and our community continue to experience growth as many new families move in to our wonderful village. To address some of our space issues, the Board of Education has approved the construction of a new kindergarten center located at the Vernon Hills Park District’s Sullivan Center. A planning team of administrators, teachers, community representatives and architects is moving forward with design plans.

We are focused on creating a culture of collaboration that supports innovative thinking. True collaboration between staff, students, parents and community is necessary to fulfill our vision and mission. Please consider volunteering in your school or with the district. We just launched an education foundation. Contact me if your company would like to be a partner with Hawthorn District 73. Also, consider participating in a fun Hawthorn PTO event. Last year, the group donated $100,000 in books, cash and programs to the district.

Our goals are to keep parents informed and to offer different platforms to showcase our talented students. When you have a moment, connect with us through Facebook, Twitter, or sign up for our school newsletters including the weekly Hawthorn Highlights newsletter. Also, check out our D#73 parent tips on Twitter: @hawthornparent.

I pledge to you that I will work hard every day to make our schools exemplary in every way. I look forward to working with you to that end.


Nick Brown

Embracing Diversity

Dear Families,

I want to reach out to all of our families, each and every one of you, to let you know that here at Hawthorn 73 we are more committed than ever to maintaining a positive school community that will allow children to learn as much as possible in order to achieve their goals in a safe, caring environment.

The Hawthorn Strategic Plan outlines our District Values. One such value noted is:

We believe our diverse community enhances student learning. A core commitment to this value is to integrate our communitys diversity within educational opportunities.

At Hawthorn 73 we work daily to be a district where students are safe, prepared, respectful and perhaps most importantly, inclusive and accepting of each other. We embrace the vast diversity within our community as a benefit for our children. At Hawthorn, every student and family matters and we work to support you as we strive to help our children reach to new opportunities.

Unfortunately, there is a level of concern that has been expressed across the country and our community recently and I want to be sure all families know we do not tolerate bullying, intimidation or any other actions that perpetuate bigotry, stereotypes or racism. We are here to help students learn how to have productive conversations about worldwide events and to gain the skills necessary for them to become active contributors to a positive community, be it here at school or elsewhere in the country.

In this season of Thanksgiving that often involves special times with families and friends, I ask all of us to reflect on what we might be able to do daily in our lives to create a better community for all of us. It is our respect and care for each other that makes our community and Hawthorn 73 such a wonderful place for children.


Nick Brown


Estimadas familias,

Deseo poder comunicarme con todas las familias, con cada uno de ustedes, para dejarles saber que aquí en Hawthorn 73 nos sentimos más comprometidos que nunca en mantener una comunidad escolar positiva que permitirá aprender a los niños tanto como sea posible y de esta manera puedan ellos alcanzar sus metas en un ambiente seguro y de gran cuidado.

El Plan Estratégico de Hawthorn define nuestros Valores del Distrito. Uno de los valores notados es:

Creemos que nuestra comunidad diversa enriquece el aprendizaje de los estudiantes. Un compromiso central de este valor consiste en integrar la diversidad de nuestra comunidad con las oportunidades educativas.

En Hawthorn 73 trabajamos diariamente en ser un distrito en dónde nuestros estudiantes se sientan seguros, preparados, respetuosos y quizás los más importante, demostrar ser inclusivos y aceptación a los demás. Acogemos la amplia diversidad dentro de nuestra comunidad como un beneficio para nuestros niños. En Hawthorn, cada estudiante y familia importa y trabajamos para apoyarle a usted de la misma manera en que tratamos que nuestros niños alcancen nuevas oportunidades.

Desafortunadamente, existe un nivel de inquietud que se ha manifestado a lo largo de todo el país y nuestra comunidad recientemente y deseo asegurar a todas las familias que no toleramos el hostigamiento, intimidación o cualquier otro tipo de acciones que perpetúen intolerancia, estereotipos o racismo. Nos encontramos aquí para ayudar a que los estudiantes aprendan cómo tener conversaciones productivas sobre los eventos a nivel mundial y adquirir las habilidades necesarias para que lleguen a ser contribuidores activos en una comunidad positiva, ya sea aquí en la escuela o en cualquier lugar del país.

En esta época de Acción de Gracias que con frecuencia involucra momentos especiales con la familia y amigos, yo les pido a todos ustedes que reflexionen sobre qué es lo que debemos hacer diariamente en nuestras vidas para formar una mejor comunidad para todos nosotros. Es nuestro respeto y cuidado por cada uno lo que constituye nuestra comunidad de Hawthorn 73 un lugar tan agradable para nuestros niños.


Nick Brown


Organizational Chart 2017-18

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Strategic Plan 2014 – 2019

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